Crack Fill & Sealants


A rubberized, asphalt emulsion based liquid crack sealant that is fiber reinforced. Ready to use and pourable without need of being heated.

Crack-Tite Premium

A highly rubberized, asphalt emulsion liquid crack sealant. Super flexible, quick drying, and no tracking.


Ready to use blend of asphalt emulsion with fiber reinforcement. Designed for cracked and damaged surface areas. Quick, low cost alternative to asphalt replacement or skin patch.

Hot Pour Crack Sealant

Hot applied asphalt crack sealant compound. Designed for use with direct fire melters.

Crack Repair Tools


A rubber v-shaped squeegee that forces sealant down into the crack while pushing excess material forward.

Replacement blades also available.

Melters & Applicators

Direct Fire Melting Kettle

Melting kettles complete with agitator and all accessories - just add propane!
Available in 10 and 30 gallon capacities.

Portable Melter Applicator

All-in-one unit melts and applies hot crack sealant. 10 gallon capacity ready to go in just minutes. Dual levers to operate screed and flow rate.

*Propane tank not included

Asphalt Banding Machine

Machine for uniform dispensing of hot or cold crack sealants. Reversible and replacable wear shoe. Hopper has a 4 gallon capacity.

Pour Pot

Pots have a 2.5 gallong capacity. Fingertip nozzle control. Can be used to apply hot or cold sealants.